The cut of a diamond refers not to its shape, but to the balance of proportion, symmetry and polish achieved by the diamond cutter. The extent of how well the diamond is cut is directly related to the diamond’s overall beauty. When a diamond has been correctly cut, the diamond’s ability to reflect and refract light is greatly enhanced. By understanding the way that light moves through diamond crystals, modern diamond cutters have established a specific set of proportions and angles that are known to harness the diamond’s internal brilliance and to show it in its best light.

Super ideal

Cut to the most exacting standards. On the diamond certificate, graded as "Excellent" or "Ideal" for cut, polish, and symmetry. These diamonds will also show a "hearts and arrows" facet pattern, have the most desirable girdle and culet dimensions, and be proportioned to return the maximum possible light.


Exquisite quality cut to create the optimal combination of brilliance and fire. Reflects nearly all light that enters the diamond. Top 3% of diamond quality based on cut.

Very good

Superior quality cut that reflects nearly as much light as the ideal cut while at a substantially lower cost. Top 15% of diamond quality.


Premium quality cut to optimize the size without sacrificing quality or beauty. Reflects most light that enters. Top 25% of diamond quality.


Adequate quality cut which reflects some light while maximizing weight. While not as brilliant as a good cut, still a quality diamond. Top 35% of diamond quality.


Inadequate quality cut that reflects minimal amount of light. Brilliant Earth does not provide diamonds with cut grades of poor.